Treasure Hunting

Most Saturdays my husband and I peruse other people's stuff looking for treasures. 
Both terms are loosely used here. 
Occasionally, something seems to say, "I'm yours..." and wins a place in our nest. 
More often, though, I sell the treasures on Etsy to finance my writing adventures. 
Either way, we have fun rehashing the week, sipping coffee, and laughing at people-antics.

A few weeks ago, a local estate sale yielded a bunch of sellable treasures, including 
a 1967 Super 8 camera. A ball-capped sale attendant told us his father bought
 and used the camera while stationed in Vietnam. 
"Dad used it to bring home all the sights he wanted to share with us." 
He removed his cap, swiped a hand through his hair, and replaced it. 
"Things sure went hard for us while he was away."

A single home movie frame turned up in the bottom of the bag. 
I'm not sure who's who, but it's easy to make up a good story. 
What do you think is going on here? 
Let's hear your best story-starting line.
If you provide the starters, I'll pick one and finish it.

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